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Over twenty years ago, species-specific gels were created by a biologist/herpetologist who was looking to enhance his own reptiles’ diet. After years of research and manufacturing, FANG is the result. FANG’s quality cannot be beat. We put the animal first by researching its natural feeding requirements and behavior in order to develop a comparable diet.   


Brent D. Seegers, MNS, CEO/Research Biologist 

Brent Seegers is a nationally recognized research biologist, herpetologist, nutritionist, author, and self-made entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in the pet, zoo, scientific, aquaculture, and agriculture feed industries. He has developed hundreds of unique products for big box companies such as Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, and Bass Pro and formulated products for countless zoos, universities, and research institutions around the world. Presently, he is the owner and CEO of BioForge Labs, Inc. and head research biologist for FANG. 

Seegers is a trailblazer and in 1998 invented species-specific gelled diets for ectothermic animals. He is best known for integrating his vast knowledge of multiple disciplines including extensive field research in wildlife biology supported by academic research methods, the applied sciences of animal nutrition and formulation, and the implementation and manufacturing of hundreds of products.  

Additionally, Seegers worked as a naturalist and field herpetologist, was an author of a 14-volume encyclopedia set, a biology faculty for 10 years, and was the owner and CEO of multiple businesses with an emphasis in exotic animal nutrition. Furthermore, he has served as an advisor for a Department of Defense grant and guided countless companies to launch innovative exotic pet products. The combination of Seegers' academic knowledge, prolific field experience, and vision are unmatched in his industry.


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